Get inspired by these wedding dresses movie!

What would be of those afternoons of sofa and blanket in which the only thing we want is to see romantic movies and if there is a wedding in between, the better. We love to devour styles and analyze wedding dresses that show off our actresses Hollywood favorites, and if you get married, you can always be inspired by them. They are the protagonists of the big screen weddings more sounds and their wedding dresses that have left their mark on the cinema.

Sex in New York

One of the most desired movies by series addicts Sex in New York It was his first movie. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) announces her wedding and delights us with a photo shoot for Vogue with different wedding dresses: Dior, Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Christian Lacroix, Lanvin Y Oscar de la Renta.

Finally, the one chosen for his big day was Vivienne Westwood which as Carrie herself defines: "A dress so special that it would make the tears of the most skeptical woman jump." A corset body creation with a sweetheart neckline and asymmetrical layers of embossed fabric on the skirt. How to forget it! With the green and black feather headdress.

By the way, the replica of the dress, belonging to the Gold Label line of Vivienne Westwood sold for 6,774 euros in the luxury shopping portal Net-a-Porter.


One of the most anticipated scenes in the love story created by Stephenie Meyer was the wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Kristen Stewart wore a dress of Carolina Herrera of Haute Couture, Very simple ahead, with spectacular back in the air made of satin and French chantillí lace, with a row of 152 buttons. Beautiful sleeves, also with lace details. Styling was completed by a traditional comb that held the veil.

War of brides

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway organized their wedding at the same time at the luxurious Grand Plaza Hotel in New York. If I have to keep one of the dresses, I definitely choose Kate's. The two were signed by Vera Wang Kate's really romantic one, a sweetheart neckline design loaded with tulle layers and a waist marked with velvet mauve belt detail, from the Spring-Summer 2009 collection. And Anne's, a model vintage Asymmetrical, tight-fitting body finished in taffeta skirt, from the 2005 collection.

27 dresses

The simplicity of a girlfriend showed us Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses Jane, the eternal bridesmaid of her friends' weddings, finally got married. And he did it with a simple design of suspenders and pronounced neckline, with a traditional flying skirt of ** Amsale Aberra. **

Jennifer Lopez

Beautiful was Jennifer Lopez when she dressed as a bride in The mother of the boyfriend. He chose for the occasion a simple satin design of suspenders and pronounced neckline, without any detail. A lateral flora adorning the bow and traditional veil.

Julia Roberts

In Pretty woman We missed the wedding between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Nine years later we saw the same protagonists in Bride on the Run and finally Roberts dressed as a bride. We saw her in a bright satin dress with detail of thread flowers and rhinestones in skirt and body of shoulders in the air signed by Amsale Aberra.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Natalie Portman surprised with a medieval-style model in her role as Padme Amidala to say yes to Anakin Skywalker. A very ornate dress with embroidery and rhinestones, designed by costume designer Trisha Biggar. The 20 years veil of air vintage and loaded with lace they completed their look.

The ghosts of my ex-girlfriends

I can't forget the design that Jennifer Garner wore on The ghosts of my ex-girlfriends, especially because it was signed by a Spaniard. The deceased Manuel Mota He created this model for the movie, a classic air model with a strapless neckline, pursed on the side of the hip and princess skirt, made of lace.

Mamma Mia

Amanda Seyfried wore on Mamma Mia A bohemian-inspired dress, perfect for a beach wedding. A design of tulle layers with plumeti frills and details of blue rhinestones, and draped body made by Ann Roth, the costume designer of the movie.

And gentlemen prefer blondes

Marilyn Monroe dressed as a bride in this 1953 film. A long-sleeved lace bodice dress finished in a hood and a pleated tulle midi skirt by Bill Travilla, the actress' designer header. As a complement star, a lace headdress.

A face with angel

Givenchy He created Audrey Hepburn this 50s style dress, with a tight body and a midi skirt with a long tulle cape. It doesn't matter if this movie is dated in 1957 because today this model is still inspiring.

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