Elegance and good taste come to our catwalk by Jorge Vázquez

After four days in a row at Ifema (fairgrounds where the "glamorous" fashion week in Madrid) One expects that moment will come when the skin becomes "goosebumps", the tear is about to jump and the heart feels closer if you can. There are editions in which that moment does not occur but in this one it has arrived thanks to the magic of Jorge Vázquez and his spectacular collection.

The backstage was full of tropical plants For days and from minute 1 I thought they were from Jorge. His exquisite decorative taste and love for flowers were enough clues to discover it but when I have really entered the catwalk and I have run into four giant-sized floral centers I have run out of words. Not to mention the custom carpet with the print of the collection (Very Delpozo, everything must be said) that covered the ground, a real wonder.

The models were parading in the form of "S" and thus they were crossing each other and crossing the forest of the style in which the parade has become. Thus they have begun to show the garments of the collection, Sublime lace dresses of three different tones, tweed jackets, the velvet with more movement that I have seen in my life, sensational prints everywhere and tulle dresses with different embroideries that cut the breath.

A collection that has passed from day to night in an exquisite way **, with ** typical details of the firm and a total overall look very well achieved. The pace of the models was also adequate and the staging brutal. This is why reminiscences to my dear: Gucci, Valentino and Delpozo they have stayed in the background because it has been a clear winner of the L'Oreal Paris prize for the best collection of this season. Congratulations Jorge!

In Jared | The skins save Varela (without the support of Doña Letizia) in the most anticipated parade of the Madrid catwalk