Gucci also "parades" on the first day of the Madrid catwalk

Ok, I admit to being a little obsessed with Gucci. Starting from this premise, what is also true is that I should not be the only one who follows in the Italian firm Alessandro Michele's steps because in our Madrid catwalk (in which we always see international trends from other seasons) we have seen a lot of inspiration from These great collections. Who was going to tell me that Agatha Ruiz de la Prada was going to "commercialize" a little?

Than the comparisons are hateful we all know it, but it is clear that when yesterday I was sitting on the press bench of the modern Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid my idolized parades of the new era came to my mind many times Gucci (if only for a few seconds). What moved me most to Milan were the silk ties on the neck that he proposed Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for next winter (eye to data). That crazy look of Agatha in which color plays an important role and the tie crown quite right though, perhaps, also somewhat outdated. She also took care of the pleated striped dresses as well, without further ado.

Silk dresses from Juanjo Oliva They went through some other brands, although I have to admit that there were some of them. But I could not remember those low cuffs and black dress in silk dresses with that feminine touch that works well as a whole or the red catwalk of this parade or why not talk about the amount of clothes metallic and pleated that are being seen on the catwalk. In the end, whether we want to or not, we are all influenced by the things we like the most and we see continuously, right?

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