I present the easiest way to get natural waves

There are many techniques used to make good waves in the hair. Thus, we have seen from the classic curling hair with irons or tongs, to more innovative ones using t-shirts or other similar inventions.

Of course, if you are still unable to create a smooth wave and despair, the answer to your prayers has it Nicci Welsh, the cover girl who is a makeup artist and professional stylist, and who has left us a video-tutorial with which, definitely and without further contemplation, we will get some waves until we are more clumsy

I have no doubt that, for me it is the definitive trick to get very cool waves, a little marked wave, to get a little messy, careless, a little effect bed hair, it looks great.

So, we just need some irons (she uses a GHD) and go tapping heat with taps while creating these with your hair. In fact it does it very fast because it does not use small sections (in fact it says that they have to be a little big to take shape), so we ended up much earlier.

I loved it and I'm looking forward to putting it into practice and you, How about this easy way to create waves?

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