Felipe Varela will parade in the next edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. Will Queen Letizia go to the frontrow?

The news about the next edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (known by all as Cibeles) are coming to us little by little. This February Jorge Vázquez will return to the catwalk, which he paraded years ago, but without a doubt the return that has caused the most surprise has been that of Felipe Varela. The head designer of Queen Letizia does not want to be alone in that and wants to show us all her collections on the catwalk.

We all know that he is a great friend of Mrs. Letizia so the most obvious question is that if Her Majesty the Queen He will accompany the designer on such a special day. I do not want to imagine neither the security measures nor the commotion that would be mounted so the possibility seems quite resounding. I am waiting to know what you will present Felipe Varela For next winter, will you put aside the most classic styles and bet on renewal?

Video: Cristian Varela @ Mercedes Benz - Fashion Week Madrid by Groovety (December 2019).